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We ship daily, Monday through Friday and most orders are shipped the same day if we receive your order by 12pm NZST.

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Welcome to the C4 Coffee website. We supply the best blends and single origins to inspire people to join us in the quest for espresso perfection. C4 is a specialist local coffee roasting company. Our focus is on the supply of quality coffee, roasted daily, backed up with awesome service, training and the best equipment. We select, source and serve the highest grade green beans. No compromises. Great care is taken to roast each origin to its optimum to get the best out of each single origin batch or blend. We are happy to show you the roasting process, talk coffee and demonstrate the equipment we sell. We have an unparalleled range of accessories for both domestic and commercial use! Come check us out at 113 Fitzgerald Avenue, Monday through Saturday 7am-3pm. For our wholesale customers, whether thinking of a change or setting up a new cafe, we can provide assistance. Our invaluable knowledge of the cafe industry and our passion for the very highest of standards and service will help your business life run smoothly. For our home customers we offer a nationwide mail order service by email phone, fax or via this website. If you want to share in our day to day life then follow us on Facebook, or Twitter, but best to jump on Instagram!


2023 Coffee Advent Calendar

24 Brews Over 24 Days

$175.00 NZD

Discover the Ultimate Coffee Christmas Calendar! As December approaches, we invite you to infuse your mornings with a touch of enchantment through our extraordinary Coffee Christmas Calendar. This year, we proudly present 24 of the world's most exceptional coffees, ensuring that each day unfolds as a delectable journey for your taste buds.

Unwrap a World of Coffee Delights! Prepare to embark on a global coffee odyssey as you explore 24 distinct, freshly light roasted coffees, each promising a unique experience and profile. Our curation showcases a wide array of Processing Methods, Varietals, and Origins. It's the embodiment of a coffee lover's ultimate dream.

Our thoughtfully designed C4 Freezing Tubes provide you with flexibility, containing between 30-34 grams of coffee in each tube. Whether you opt to brew a tube daily or every other day, rest assured that your coffee will be perfectly aged to cater to your enjoyment.


Halo Berti Ethiopia

Crafted with mastery and sustainability by smallholders in Ethiopia, Halo Berti’s coffee is a captivating blend of heritage and exceptional quality, standing out as one of our favorite Ethiopian coffees this past year.

Karatu Factory Kenya

Karatu Factory's Kenyan coffee beans are renowned for their vibrant, juicy fruit flavors and top-notch quality, reflecting the region's rich coffee heritage.

Felipe Arcilia Peach Honey

This exceptional coffee creation is a testament to Arcila's artistry. During fermentation, fresh peaches and wine yeast are introduced, infusing each bean with their essence.

Red Bourbon Natural

Savor the unique sweetness and fruitiness of Colombia's Red Bourbon coffee, sun-dried and naturally processed, embodying the nation's coffee heritage and innovative spirit in every cup.

Jesus Riveara Erazo

Jesús, embodying strength and dedication, defies traditional gender roles in coffee farming, leading a unique female-driven project, where she meticulously tends to her coffee plots, ensuring exceptional quality in each bean, in a realm historically dominated by male growers.

Santa Mónica Java Natural

We've secured an exclusive opportunity to share one of Jairo Arcila's coveted micro-lot's that has been reserved exclusively for competition, typically earmarked for elite contests and now uniquely available through our partnership with Cofinet.

Costa Rica Anaerobic Natural

Trace the Madrigal's roots to a land where the air is as rich as its coffee heritage.

Luis Aldana San Bernardo EF2

Nestled in the heart of Ethiopia, the Halo Berti Coffee Producers are renowned for their mastery of coffee cultivation.

Cup Of Excellence Aceh Azalea

Close to home Indonesia is not typically asscoiated with filter roast coffees, but this stands above the rest.

Sebastion Gomez Pink Bourbon

Explore coffee's rare side with Pink Bourbon—a variety celebrated for its distinct flavor and pink cherries. Surprisingly, it has no connection to the Bourbon variety but rather hails from Ethiopian roots.

Luis Calderon Anaerobic Gesha

Step into the world of coffee excellence with a truly exceptional brew from one of our favorite producers, Luis Anibal Calderon. This captivating coffee is none other than the Anaerobic Washed Gesha—a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering passion.

Santa Teresa Gesha

This exceptional brew unveils the complex beauty of a natural fermented Gesha, crafted with precision and care. Each cup encapsulates the essence of Costa Rica's lush terroir, where the cherished Gesha variety flourishes.

Cascara Gesha

This is the only non coffee coffee featured in our calendar, but it's still kind of coffee! Cascara tea, often referred to as "coffee cherry tea," is a well-kept secret from the world of coffee.

Jario Arcila Banana Honey

In the country where the Andes meet the sky, sip the subtle sweetness of a sun-kissed fruit, transformed through a macerated processing method.

Ethiopia Banko Gotiti Natural

Hint: Experience the birthplace of coffee, where beans sun-dried with their native berries whisper tales of ancient highlands and wild, floral airs.

Honduras El Naranjal Natural

From the heart of Central America, a cup awaits, infused with the clandestine vibrance of untouched forests and a natural secret only the rainforest can tell.

Luz Helena Yellow Sudan Rume

In the embrace of Colombian peaks, discover a cup laced with the legacy of a yellow treasure, subtly echoing the richness of an almost forgotten varietal.

Kenya Gaithiti Pea Berry

Experience a remarkable taste journey with Kenya's Gaithiti Factory's sweet pea berry coffee. Nestled in the heart of Kenya's fertile coffee-growing region, this exceptional pea berry coffee boasts a distinctive sweetness that's hard to resist.

Wbmeimar Lasso Washed Gesha

Experience a remarkable taste journey with Kenya's Gaithiti Factory's sweet pea berry coffee. Nestled in the heart of Kenya's fertile coffee-growing region, this exceptional pea berry coffee boasts a distinctive sweetness that's hard to resist.

Villarazo Sudan Rume EF2

Named after its varietal roots in modern day South Sudan, this Colombian-grown coffee is enhanced by a sophisticated Natural EF2 process, giving it a distinct profile.

Chelchelle Washed Ethiopian

In lands once traversed by caravans of antiquity, a washed bean gleams with the legacy of its soil, refined by waters as clear as the tales of old.

Felipe Arcila Papayo EF2

Savor the innovation of Felipe Arcila in a cup, where a papaya's whisper marries an extended fermentation.

Jairo Arcila Lychee Honey

Experience a truly unique coffee journey with our Lychee Honey Coffee, cultivated by the skilled hands of Jairo Arcila at Santa Monica Farm. This exceptional coffee undergoes a 72-hour dry anaerobic fermentation, with the pulp on, and a touch of lychee to enhance its character.

Jardines Del Eden Anaerobic Natural Java

With its striking complexity and a symphony of flavors, it's no surprise that it has been hailed as one of the best coffees produced in 2023. Exclusive to C4 Coffee, this gem offers an unparalleled sensory journey, making it a coveted delight for coffee connoisseurs